Global Care is the Social Justice and Disaster Relief Arm of International Network of Churches ( INC.).

Global Care Maroochydore was established 15 years ago, on the Sunshine Coast.
We have been involved in various projects over the years from establishing a Food Co-operative for low income to free bread distribution, Charities Shops, fund raisers for various natural disasters including the 2001 Tsunami Appeal, supporting Orphanages and much more.

International Network of Churches (INC) (formerly known as Christian Outreach Centre) launched Global Care in 1996, and since then, its activities have made a powerful difference, not only to local residents and communities, but also drawing accolade and praise from police and emergency agencies, the Governor-General and both Federal and State political leaders.

Global Care is best known for its thousands of volunteers in their trademark blue T-shirts, who over the years have proved themselves invaluable at the sites of significant Australian natural disasters, whether hail, bush fire, flood or cyclone.

Not just a disaster relief organisation, local Global Care groups have also been responding to local needs and gaps in communities, assisting those who need help the most. What each local Global Care does is very varied around Australia. But the focus of others, of mates helping mates, of kindness, is incredibly consistent across all locations. This is the week-in, week-out faithful work of Global Care and its tireless volunteers.

Global Care is varied around Australia and abroad, however the main ways we help are:

Global Care cares for victims of natural disasters
Global Care cares for people experiencing everyday hardship
Global Care believes in the power of kindness to change a life, founding National Others Week – a week dedicated to acts of kindness
Global Care is an emerging social justice voice of advocacy for the marginalized, downtrodden and vulnerable through relationships of influence, media, blogs and online dialogue
Global Care is part of a worldwide network, with 28 International Global Care operations

We are an army of 1500 kind volunteers in 76 locations around Australia